Our mastery of mechanically pressed pizza crusts extends back to our roots in the pizza crust industry. These products are consistently sized and shaped while providing the best value in our parbaked line-up.

  • STANDARD THIN - Our original offering beginning in 1991 and it not only stands the test of time but has literally been sold around the world. No frills here, just a great product that starts with a basic lean formula and then perfectly proofed to impart flavor and develop a light airy texture. Rizzuto's Standard Thin pizza crusts are 3/8" (10mm) in thickness.
  • SPECIAL THIN - A throwback crust to the days of Joe's Pizza Supply Co. We set out to emulate the richly formulated "hot press" crust that Joe Rizzuto began commercially producing back in the 60's. If you are a thin crust aficionado, this one is for you! Special Thin pizza crusts are 1/4" (6mm) in thickness.
  • THICK GARLIC & BUTTER - Richly formulated with a hint of garlic and infused with butter flavored shortening flakes that create a crust with a crispy bottom and a soft, fresh dough-like center. Thick Garlic & Butter pizza crusts are 1/2″ (13mm) in thickness and hold very well in warmers and on buffet lines.
  • PERSONAL DEEP DISH - Single serve deep dish pizza crust widely used by pizza processors serving the vending, club store, and school lunch categories. 5″ in diameter with a 1″ rim and a 1/2″ center or floor.
Item #SizeWeightCount
011212″9.5 oz40
011515″13.5 oz24
011616″16.0 oz24
121612″ x 16″19.5 oz24
Item #SizeWeightCount
03277″2.5 oz40
031010″5.3 oz20
031212″8.4 oz20
031515″12.5 oz20
Item #SizeWeightCount
04077″4.7 oz20
04088″5.6 oz24
041212″12.5 oz30
041414″17.1 oz20
041515″20.0 oz20
041616″21.5 oz20
Item #SizeWeightCount
NO555.25″2.8 oz80
WW555.25″1.9 oz80

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