Presheeted pizza doughs are one of the most widely used pizza dough products in foodservice due to their versatility. These doughs provide an excellent foundation to build thin, thick, pan style and deep dish crusts or Stromboli to name a few applications. We also offer presheeted calzone shells formulated specifically to create a tighter textured, pastry style shell.

  • PRESHEETED RAW PIZZA CRUST - This product is designed to work the same as a doughball but we have preformed it for you. This is a versatile product that can be made into any style of crust, breadstick, Stromboli or calzone. Bake it cold for a thin crust or proof at room temperature for an ultra light, thick crust.
  • CALZONE SHELLS - Our Calzone Shells can be held frozen for up to one year and refrigerated for up to 2 days. Individual shells can be thawed in a matter of minutes. Rizzuto Calzone shells are 11" in diameter and designed to bake into a crisper shell as opposed to an overly bready shell. Calzones made from common pizza or bread dough pale in comparison to the traditional calzone formulation we use in producing this shell.
Item #SizeWeightCount
05077″5.0 oz40
051010″10.0 oz36
051212″14.0 oz30
051414″19.0 oz30
071616″26.0 oz16
Item #SizeWeightCount
R82811″10.5 oz20

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