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Five categories of PIZZA CRUST products

(#1 requiring the least amount of expertise and training to #5 requiring the most)

Rizzuto Foods parmade cheese pizzas

1. Parmade Cheese Pizzas

These pizzas are partially made with crust, sauce, and cheese. We start with our handcrafted, parbaked crust, add our family recipe sauce, and top it off with a blend of mozzarella, provolone, and cheddar cheeses. We control your basic ingredients and ensure that you put out a pizza that is pleasing to the eye and more importantly, your customer's appetite. Add your own toppings, and getting into the pizza business doesn't get any easier.

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Rizzuto Foods parked pizza crusts

2. Parbaked Pizza Crusts

These crusts come in several varieties and sizes and we have done the mixing, scaling, proofing, and partial baking for you. Parbaked pizza crusts continue to be the most widely used product in the category and we have designed our parbaked crusts to rival fresh dough products. Parbakes must be thawed prior to use and can be refrigerated for up to 21 days. We provide the canvas and you paint your own pizza masterpiece.

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Rizzuto Foods raw dough pizza crusts

3. Freezer to Oven Rising Pizza Crust

These crusts provide that fresh dough appearance and aroma without all the work. We carefully handcraft a pizzeria style pizza crust and freeze it in the raw state. This offers the convenience of a parbaked product in a raw oven rising dough. Simply take from the freezer to your prep line, sauce, cheese, top, and place it in the oven. No slack out or proofing required.

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Rizzuto Pizza 101 Presheeted

4. Presheeted Raw Pizza Crusts

This product is designed to work the same as a doughball but we have preformed it for you. This is a versatile product that can be made into any style of crust, breadstick, Stromboli, or calzone. Bake it cold for a thin crust or proof at room temperature for an ultra light, thick crust.

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Dough Balls

5. Frozen Dough Balls

Frozen pizza dough offers the operator a consistent product that frees them from making dough. No mixers, bags of ingredients, mess, and clean-up costs. We take the hassle out of making fresh dough so you can focus on the many other challenges of running your business. This is pizza specific dough that will result in a finished pizza that will keep your customers coming back for more.

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