Our Story

A family of pizza makers.

Started in 1957 by Tony’s father, Joe Rizzuto, the family business today is a leader in pizza dough innovation, annually producing millions of handcrafted and machine-formed crusts, dough balls, calzones, and breadsticks for U.S. and international consumers.  Here’s how it happened.

  • 1955

    Joe experiences pizza.

    While stationed at Treasure Island Naval Base in San Francisco, Joe Rizzuto experiences his first pizza and is compelled to share this delicious food that originated in his ancestral homeland.

  • 1957

    Joe's Drive In Pizza.

    Joe returns from the service to open Joe’s Drive-in Pizza in Spokane.

  • 1958

    Joe's Pizza Supply.

    Joe loads up his ‘54 Nash Metropolitan with pizza products and starts Joe’s Pizza Supply Co., distributing to Idaho and Washington restaurants.

  • 1961-62

    Original pizza crust — and Tony! — are born.

    Joe’s Pizza Supply begins to manufacture its own pizza crusts, a few months before Tony Rizzuto is born. Tony grows up learning the trade of pizza production and distribution.

  • 1983

    Tony expands bakery.

    As a young man, Tony takes over operations of Joe’s Pizza Supply, specializing in bakery production and engineering.

  • 1984

    Northwest Pizza Supply Co.

    Joe sells the company to Alabama-based Pasquali Foods, and Tony is named plant manager for Pasquali’s newest division ― Northwest Pizza Supply Co.

  • 1987-1989

    First automated pizza crust line.

    Tony pioneers the Northwest’s first fully automated pizza crust line, and begins consulting with bakeries in Tennessee, Texas, and Ireland. Joe retires the following year.

  • 1991

    TR Rizzuto Pizza Crust.

    Tony launches TR Rizzuto Pizza Crust, building a new manufacturing plant in Spokane with friend and engineer, Shawn Tweedy.

  • 1995

    Rizzuto rolls out 20 million crusts.

    Just four years into the business, TR Rizzuto reaches 20 million pizza crusts per year, and begins to forge partnerships to export pizza to the United Kingdom, Australia, and other locations.

  • 2006

    Rizzuto rebrands.

    TR Rizzuto becomes Rizzuto Foods, surpassing 300 million pizzas sold since 1991, and begins rapidly expanding its pizza category offerings.

  • 2016

    Celebrating three generations of pizzaiolos!

    Rizzuto Foods celebrates its 25th anniversary, having produced more than 600 million pizza crusts, dough balls, calzones, and breadsticks. Tony, with sons, Nick and Jesse, and the family of Rizzuto employees carry on Joe’s dream to delivering quality pizza products to the world!

  • Pizza: A way of life.

    At Rizzuto Foods, pizza is a way of life. Contact us today.

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