YES! Rizzuto Foods’ handcrafted products are actually made by hand. Many commercially “handcrafted” products are machine formed and textured with hand prints or forming dies that replicate hand prints. Rizzuto products are authentically crafted and no two are identical — a genuine “back of the house” look and quality without the additional skilled labor.

All Rizzuto Foods flatbreads are CLEAN LABEL and non-GMO.

NEW! DIE CUT flatbreads come in three distinct varieties. Die cut flatbreads are 5′′ x 14′′ with a slight radius end cut that presents a more organic eye appeal when compared to products with a 90° or straight edge end cut.

Varieties include:

  • Original • sea salt extra virgin olive oil
  • MultiGrain• whole wheat our, rye, millet, rolled oats, flax seed
  • Rosemary • sea salt, rosemary, black pepper, romano cheese

Gluten Free flatbreads are available in a 5′′ x 12′′ handcrafted and a versatile 5′′ x 7′′ die cut version. Rizzuto’s gluten free products are vigorously tested internally and by an independant laboratory using scientifically validated analytical methods.

The FDA requires gluten free products conform to less than 20 parts per million (<20ppm) detectable gluten. Rizzuto Foods has been producing gluten free items for over six years, maintaining less than 10ppm (<10ppm).

Item #SizeWeightCount
F5125″ x 12″2.7 oz36
GF512 (gluten free)5″ x 12″8.024
Item #SizeWeightCount
F700 Original5″ x 14″3.8 oz32
F710 Rosemary5″ x 14″3.8 oz32
F720 Multigrain5″ x 14″3.8 oz32
Item #SizeWeightCount
GF575″ x 7″3.0 oz40
GF5125″ x 12″8.0 oz24

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