Great pizza starts with Rizzuto.

Rizzuto Foods NW

Pizza: A family tradition.

Three generations of Pizzaiolos.

Rizutto Foods

Rizzuto Foods knows pizza—and how it can help your business succeed!

That's because pizza has been a part of our family for three generations. Some say it's in our DNA. 

At Rizzuto Foods, we're committed to providing you with the highest quality pizza products, built on more than 60 years of experience that only generations of pizza makers can deliver.

Two principles we live by.

Create quality products   •   Provide genuine service 

Pizza isn't the only thing that's handcrafted at Rizzuto Foods. Whether you're a corporation moving thousands of pies a week, or a neighborhood cafe looking to broaden your menu, we're committed to providing you personal attention and world famous products that can make your business great.

Need help finding the right pizza crust for your organization?

Your perfect pizza partner.

Great pizza starts with Rizzuto.

Rizutto Foods


We provide your food service distribution center with quality products for restaurants, schools, resorts, theme parks, and catering operations.

Rizutto Foods


We supply large scale food producers the components
to make fully prepared pizzas.

Rizutto Foods


We stock grocery, convenience, and club stores with branded and private label pizza products for consumers.

Davids Pizza in Spokane, Washington, USA

Rizzuto family
has been in the pizza business


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Rizzuto News

Rizzuto News

Pizza crust delivery! Compliments of Produce Supply Express, the Rizzuto Foods Northwest Crafted logo is proudly displayed on the side and back of a new trailer.

Rizzuto News

Rizzuto Foods is keeping it local with wheat grown by Shepards Grain family farms. Locally milled, this hard white wheat is used to craft our trans-fat free, low sodium pizza products that meet K-12 nutritional guidelines.

Rizzuto News

Pizza, stromboli, and calzone are customer favorites at David's Pizza in Spokane, WA. "By having Rizzuto Foods provide our proprietary dough, I have the confidence that it will consistently perform. That allows us to concentrate on growing our business."

- Mark Starr, Owner
David's Pizza

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