Parmade pizza, 3 cheese

These pizzas are partially made with crust, sauce and cheese. We start with our handcrafted, parbaked crust topped with fresh pack tomato sauce (not from concentrate) and a blend of 100% real Mozzarella, Provolone and Cheddar cheeses. We control your basic ingredients and ensure that you put out a pizza that is pleasing to the eye and more importantly, your customer's appetite. Add your own topping and getting into the pizza business doesn't get any easier.

Parmade pizzas may be stored frozen up to 1 year from date of manufacture and refrigerated up to 3 days from date of thawing. Bags must be kept folded shut to ensure the product does not dry out (very important). For best results the pizzas should be fully thawed before baking. You may use a microwave for thawing only. The product can be baked directly on the oven rack, deck or conveyor and can also be baked on a lightly greased baking pan.

  1. Baking Instructions

  2. Oven Type
    Bake Time
  3. Residential
     6-8 Minutes
  4. Commercial Deck
     6-10 Minutes
  5. Conveyor (Impingement)
     3-5 Minutes
  6. Convection
     5-7 Minutes
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Testimonials From Our Clients

As the only locally owned broadline food service distributor, we are proud partners of the only locally owned pizza dough company. We have enjoyed quality products and the first class service from Rizzuto since 1992.
- Rick Jensen - URM Stores, Inc

As a local business it is important for us to partner with another family owned company to provide quality products to our guests. Rizzuto has provided us high quality and innovative solutions for many years.
- Trevor Blackwell - VP Twigs Bistro & Martini Bars