Frozen Pizza doughballs

Rizzuto brand frozen pizza dough offers the operator a consistent product that frees them from making dough. No mixers, bags of ingredients, mess and clean-up costs. We take the hassle out of working with fresh dough so you can focus on the many other challenges of running your business. This is pizza specific dough that will result in a finished pizza that will keep your customers coming back for more.

"By having Rizzuto Foods provide our proprietary dough, I have the confidence that it will consistently perform which allows us to concentrate on growing our business. Additionally, we reduce labor and save valuable retail floor space."

- Mark Starr, Owner
David's Pizza & Famous Ed's


  1. Baking Instructions

  2. Oven Type
    Bake Time
  3. Residential
    12-14 Minutes
  4. Commercial Deck
    10-12 Minutes
  5. Conveyor (Impingement)
    6-8 Minutes
  6. Convection
    6-8 Minutes
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Baking instructions

Doughballs may be stored frozen up to 1 year from date of manufacture and stored refrigerated for up to 2 days.

For next day preparation remove the amount of dough from the freezer that you anticipate using in the next day or two. Place doughballs on a sheet pan or in a "dough box" and cover with plastic wrap or lids to prevent drying. Our doughballs are pre oiled to save you a step and you can also brush them with olive oil to enhance flavor. Place covered dough under refrigeration and they will be fully thawed in 8 hours. You can keep them refrigerated for up to 48 hours. When forming the dough (rolling, sheeting or hand tossing) it's best to let the dough reach room temperature. This will make the dough much easier to work and will prevent the need to dock the dough prior to baking. Whether, rolling, sheeting or tossing you will need to lightly dust the dough with flour. This will aid in handling and reduce sticking to the holding or baking surface. For consistency in any application, we always suggest that you record all temperatures and timing to arrive at a specific procedure for your establishment. Having these records will aid in any trouble shooting should inconsistency of finished product become a problem. Baking is all about time and temperature!

For same day preparation remove the amount of dough from the freezer that will be needed for one day. Place on sheet pans or in "dough box" and cover to prevent drying. Place dough in a warm area and it will reach room temperatures in 2 hours.

Pre-forming Raw Crusts: You can sheet, roll or toss several crusts in advance, place on baking pans or screens, cover and hold ambient or under refrigeration. If bringing from refrigeration, you can either top and bake directly or bring it up to room temperature and bake. Either method works and will produce different finished crust textures.

Testimonials From Our Clients

As the only locally owned broadline food service distributor, we are proud partners of the only locally owned pizza dough company. We have enjoyed quality products and the first class service from Rizzuto since 1992.
- Rick Jensen - URM Stores, Inc

As a local business it is important for us to partner with another family owned company to provide quality products to our guests. Rizzuto has provided us high quality and innovative solutions for many years.
- Trevor Blackwell - VP Twigs Bistro & Martini Bars