calzone shells

Our Calzone Shells can be held frozen for up to one year and refrigerated for up to 2 days. Individual shells can be thawed in a matter of a few minutes. Rizzuto Calzone shells are 11" in diameter and designed to bake into a crisper shell as opposed to an overly bready shell. Oftentimes a common pizza or bread dough is used in making calzones and cannot compare to the traditional calzone formulation that we use in producing this shell

  1. Baking Instructions

  2. Oven Type
    Bake Time
  3. Residential
    12-14 Minutes
  4. Commercial Deck
    10-12 Minutes
  5. Conveyor (Impingement)
    6-8 Minutes
  6. Convection
    6-8 Minutes
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Baking INstructions

  1. Place one shell with the parchment paper on you work surface.
  2. Spread sauce on leaving an approximate 1" border. It should be noted that some regional varieties call for no sauce inside the calzone and a side of sauce for dipping.
  3. Spread 1/2 (3 oz.) of your cheese on 1/2 of the sauced shell.
  4. Place topping on top of the cheese and then add the remainder of the cheese
  5. Using the parchment paper, pull the portion of the shell with no toppings over the topped portion.
  6. With the edges lined up, lightly seal the edge using your fingers and then roll the edges one time and crimp.
  7. Product may be baked on the parchment paper.
  8. Remove parchment paper after baking, plate and serve.

Testimonials From Our Clients

As a local business it is important for us to partner with another family owned company to provide quality products to our guests. Rizzuto has provided us high quality and innovative solutions for many years.
- Trevor Blackwell - VP Twigs Bistro & Martini Bars

Partnering with Rizzuto Foods at MacKenzie River Pizza Company has allowed us to expand into multiple states while offering our pizzas on a quality and consistent crust.
- Brian Lind - MacKenzie River Pizza Co