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Our Story

It's tough to find anyone who doesn't like pizza. Matter of fact, most would say it is their favorite food. And you can't have a great pizza without a great crust, right? Which brings us to a family named Rizzuto.

You see, back when we were crazy for Elvis and left our doors unlocked at all hours (1958 to be exact), Joe's Pizza Restaurant in Spokane got the Rizzuto family off and running in the pizza industry. It didn't take long for Joe Rizzuto to realize he wanted an even bigger slice of the pie, so in 1966 he started Joe's Original Pizza Company, where he manufactured premium pizza crusts. The company earned a superior reputation supplying pizza makings to drive-in theaters, restaurants, bars and taverns. He even supplied all the pizza at the World's Fair hosted by Spokane in 1974. Fast forward to 1991, when Joe's son Tony began his own pizza product manufacturing company.

Today, Rizzuto Foods is internationally-known for its quality products. No matter if you're a huge institution that cranks out thousands of pies a week, or a neighborhood cafe looking to broaden your menu, Rizzuto Foods has the products and the knowledge to make you successful. Whether you're looking for parbaked pizza crusts, focaccia rolls and breadsticks, frozen dough balls or calzone shells, count on the fact that great pizza—and a profitable pizza experience—starts with Rizzuto!

Testimonials From Our Clients

We tried your Italian Gourmet crust at the International Pizza Expo several years ago. That crust is so yummy that when we got back to Minnesota we just had to figure out a pizza we could produce with that tasty crust!
- Naomi Warden -Heggies Pizza, Central Minnesota

Rizzuto Foods has been solid partner with Eastern Washington University Dining & Catering Services for many years. They produce very high quality products with sound ingredients that are consistent from case to case.
- Ken Ripley - EWU Dining & Catering Services