About Us

About Us

Rizzuto Foods hangs its hat (or should we say hairnet) on two basic principles: Quality products and quality relationships.

By using tried and true baking methods we create innovative products that are produced to strict standards that ensure reliability, consistency and quality. Long before we made a name in the foodservice industry we were producing products for pizza manufacturers that sell to school systems, grocery chains and club stores. These customers rely on us to meet the regulatory standards set by the USDA, and we bring that same level of adherence to all of the products we produce. Our manufacturing methods impart flavor and texture through traditional processing and natural fermentation, resulting in high quality frozen and baked products.

Quality relationships are built through an unwavering desire to serve our customers. There is a saying that we frequently use, "Tony Rizzuto may sign the paychecks, but our Customers write them". Whether you are a customer, vendor or broker you will find it a pleasure to work with Rizzuto Foods.

When all is said and done our commitment is to supply you with the best product available and ensure your dealings with Rizzuto Foods meet or exceed your expectations. Quality products, quality relationships, it's who we are!

Testimonials From Our Clients

We tried your Italian Gourmet crust at the International Pizza Expo several years ago. That crust is so yummy that when we got back to Minnesota we just had to figure out a pizza we could produce with that tasty crust!
- Naomi Warden -Heggies Pizza, Central Minnesota

Rizzuto Foods has been solid partner with Eastern Washington University Dining & Catering Services for many years. They produce very high quality products with sound ingredients that are consistent from case to case.
- Ken Ripley - EWU Dining & Catering Services